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[App mobile] Marvel : l’alliance du papier et du numérique

Ça faisait longtemps qu'il n'y avait pas de news sur la réalité augmentée... Merci Marvel !

Meet Eight New Afrofuturism Artists Creating a Future of Color

Inspired Art by Joshua MaysJoshua Mays’ eclectic artwork, labeled “Afrofuturism”, is powerful and elegant. Originally from Denver, Colorado Joshua is self taught. Currently working in Oakland, CA his...

The Seven Best Things You Can Do With an Amazon Echo

Team NeuroGum just got sold on Echo by @lifehacker via The Seven Best Things You Can Do With an Amazon Echo

The Library Innovation Toolkit: Ideas, Strategies, and Programs - Books / Professional Development - Books for Academic Librarians - Books for Public Librarians - New Products - ALA Store

Can you brainwash yourself using your sense of smell?

Can you brainwash yourself using your sense of smell? From the Smell Memory Kit to ‘playlists’ of odours, innovations in olfactory technology offer a way to manipulate mood using your nose

Reading comics through this app will offer new features that will improve this art form to a whole new level. ith this great innovation, Madefire has redefined comic history for good.

Writing Performative Shakespeares :: This innovative study offers a genuinely groundbreaking approach to Shakespeare in performance. Six chapters work like case studies, each highly creative in terms of visual form and structure - including puzzles, comics and pinboards - inviting the reader into playful engagement with the performative dimensions of Shakespearean production. The case studies include discussion of training and rehearsal processes; the materiality of the performance...

Quantum Computers Animated - Theoretical Physicists John Preskill and Spiros Michalakis describe how things are different in the Quantum World and how that can lead to powerful Quantum Computers.