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Love Arrested Development!

There's Always Money in the Banana Stand - arrested development poster on etsy

Oh man. How I miss eating during the mission trip.

Meal Schedule for hobbits. Want this in my kitchen! I eat just like this except for supper and dinner.we have supper and a sneaky after the kids are in bed snack!

I love The Office.

favorite opening to The Office. <<< Oh my god, I could not stop laughing!

Dad Illustrates the Crazy Things He's Said to His Kids - Team Jimmy Joe

Dad Illustrates the Crazy Things He's Said to His Kids

Nathan Ripperger’s series "Things I’ve Said to My Children" .he illustrates things he says to his kids. just said this the other day minus the weird kid part

Big Bang Theory Quotes  @Meghan Krane Gruber - this one's for you!!

A collage of funny quotes from the tv show The Big Bang Theory decorate this geek gift. Some hilarious Sheldon humor and funny quotes.

My favorite Parks and Rec moment

One of my favorite Andy moments from Parks and Rec April too. Oh my god you drove us here

i know we're all over the "keep calm" things, but i really can't wait for the next season

trivia,quotes,Dexter Dexter Morgan leads a double life as a police forensics specialist of crime scenes by day, and a serial killer by night of criminals whom have gotten away with murder through legal technicalities. He hides his double life fro

Big Bang Theory

Funny pictures about The Big Bang Theory drinking game. Oh, and cool pics about The Big Bang Theory drinking game. Also, The Big Bang Theory drinking game photos.

I finally found it! I say this all the time and no one knows what I'm talking about... Schmidt from New Girl

New Girl Schmidt Quote Poster Poster by BGDmovieposters on Etsy, Me & my husband say repeat this quote "All Day!

Ranjith Kamath's Thoughts: HIMYM "How I Meet Your Mother" - Barney Stinson

It’s gonna be LEGEND wait for it& I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY. LOVE this show & Barney!

Banana Stand (Arrested Development) Poster by Visual Etiquette $20.00

"Why did you burn down the banana stand? there was two-hundred and fifty dollars lining the walls of the banana stand. What do you think i meant when i said there is always money in the banana stand?

The only acceptable paint job for a smart car

Funny pictures about Perfect paint scheme for a Smart. Oh, and cool pics about Perfect paint scheme for a Smart. Also, Perfect paint scheme for a Smart.

Matt Kaufenberg "Sloth Love Chunk" Framed Print

Friendship, everybody. Oh my stars! A classic I shared with my 3 kids.My favorite! Printing and putting this somewhere is my house.'HEY U GUYS' 'GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE' My daughter's bffs ,aunt kerry(green) is in this movie.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs - NCIS

OMG I have wanted this list of Gibbs Rules! I love NCIS and especially Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs! (Am I a nerd now?