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I like the relative size of antlers to head, since the focus is on antlers. Also the triangle. I'm not sure if I like how straight-on this image is, though.

Tattoo Inspiration - (Geometric) Stag. A Peter Carrington illustration. #Art #Deer

SHARK ∆ by Peter Carrington, via Flickr. Pinned by Two Rivers Pediatric Dentistry in Moline, IL @ www.tworiverspedo...

Tattoo inspiration... Black Stag by Peter James Carrington

The great and small game of Europe, western northern Asia and America; London, R. Ward, limited,1901..

V by Peter Carrington- somewhat creepy but cool

Owed to E.Thompson Seton by Peter Carrington, via Flickr

Tattoo Inspiration - (Geometric) Rat. Specifically, the prism and halo. A Peter Carrington illustration. #Art

illumineyes by Peter Carrington (xstitch inspiration?)