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Haiti’s then-president Dumarsais Estimé and his wife Lucienne Heurtelou at an official ceremony in Jacmel in the early 1950s. Estimé was practically a success story in Haitian elite society. Born in astonishing poverty, he moved to Port-au-Prince from the small town of Verettes, and thanks to the financial help of an uncle on his father’s side of the family, he attended law school, and even married into one of Haiti’s most highly-esteemed families the Heurtelous.

Haitian president Antoine Eustache Joseph Louis Borno | Born in Port-au-Prince in 1865, Mr. Borno also moonlighted as a poet. Like other young men from wealthy families in Haiti at the time, he went to France to further his education. He returned to Haiti in 1890 with a law degree then delved into public administration serving as Minister of International Relations and Religion under president Nord Alexis. In 1930, Borno was president of Haiti.

Vodou Ceremony (Haiti). 'Vodou is the wellspring of the Haitian character, a spiritual religion borne of the country’s African roots but which took adopted practices from both the island’s original Indian inhabitants and French colonial masters. Attending a Vodou ceremony, with its drums and sung prayers, bright imagery and often-healing nature is the best way to plug yourself in to Haiti’s subconscious.'