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    • Alice Harper

      Madeleine Melcher, adoptee and adpotive mother// "What I learned from Raising an Adopted Child"

    • America Adopts! Adoptive Parent Profiles

      Madeleine Melcher, an adoptee, adoptive parent and owner of Our Journey To You Adoption Profile Service, talks about the many adoption hats she wears and how they've intersected over her life.

    • Cheryl Kolasinski

      7 Things I Would Tell My “Just Beginning the Adoption Process” Self

    • Carrie Goldman

      A personal essay about adoption from a woman who is both an adoptee and an adoptive mother #Adoption

    • Lorraine Satko Owner Life Leadership business

      Foster Parents on Social Media: Think Twice Before You Post! | Adoption.Net

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    Almond Granola

    Your child should be in charge of the method of talking about adoption in the preschool classroom

    Can an adopted child ever truly be happy?

    i love the quote but dislike the writing, i'd rather it be professionally printed in a fitting font...maybe even in the subway sign style

    15 things to do while waiting for a #fostercare / adoption placement.

    Cleaning Out the Emotional Closet by Heather Forbes

    How to tell your adopted child their story. LOVE Heather Forbes and her resources.

    - Dr. Karyn Purvis. helpful to know when trying to connect with neglected children

    - Karyn Purvis An incredible lady with such insightful views on children from hard places

    Adoptive parents become the biological parents through connection. Dr. Karyn Purvis #adoption #quote

    Successful Foster Care Adoption #Fosteringchildren #Fostercare #Adoption

    Telling the Truth to Your Adopted or Foster Child: Making Sense of the Past by Betsy Keefer

    God's Timing Is Best (30 Things I Know About Adoption)

    The Unloved: Powerful movie about a child in foster care.

    7 Tips for Foster Parents to Keep Your Emotions in Check when Children May Leave. Emotions in Foster Care.

    when love copy

    Attachment Disorder | Nancy Thomas Parenting | | Reactive Attachment Disorder

    Leave Them Kids Alone, by Jennifer Lehr. Excerpt: ‎"We all mean so well. And yet we control kids all the time. In the most benign ways. And most kids, I fear, have become immune to it. They’re used to being told what to do and when to do it." Awesome post.

    NAAW 2013 Guest - Dr Karyn Purvis

    Nurture Group: What is it and How Does it Work? - MLJ Adoptions

    Learning & Modeling How to Repair by Tapestry. Watch as Amy Monroe explains the importance of parents learning and modeling how to repair their mistakes with their children.

    Avoiding Control Battles by Tapestry. Watch as Amy Monroe encourages parents to be proactive to avoid becoming engaged in control battles with their children.

    Total Voice Control: Focusing On How You Say What You Say by Tapestry. Watch as Michael Monroe talks about how parents can focus on their own voice -- how they say what they say -- to promote connection and understanding between themselves and their children.

    Awesome parenting blog, great advice for raising happy kids in a healthy family. "The true aim of parental discipline should be to teach, guide and not inflict shame, pain, anguish or fear. Positive Parenting means to work towards mutual understanding, provide acceptable choices and building a life-long relationship based on trust and love."