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This is the M and M game: Buy M and Ms and pour them into a bowl. Each person scoops a cupful. In turn, reach into the cup and grab an M and M. Then answer a question based on whichever color is chosen. Snack on the M and M after question is answered.

POSTER: 7 Easy Icebreakers You Can Do With Post-It Notes - these are some fun icebreakers, good for the beginning of school and for substitutes too.

Business Training Works. com: ice breakers, training games, games for trainers (I learned some of these from a conference I attended.)

Here are 7 easy ice breakers to use at the first hall meeting or at RA training.

Create this on my own. Pass out M on the first day during table work time. Depending on which color they have they must answer a question. You can do this activity through out the year changing up the questions!

Leadership | Ice Breaker Games and Ideas

Ice breakers- cut up in individuals and put them in a jar... Pick and tell

Ice breaker bingo in the artroom. Could modify for homeschool with art/artist/art history

Ice Breaker Activity, could be modified to make into an interest survey for ease of project topic selection later.

Ice-Breakers | Get-To-Know-You Games | Fun Team-Building Activities - Part 2