Ice breaker games

Ice Breaker Activity

great ice-breaker game!!

Really Cool Ice Breaker Games: these would be fabulous for team building at the beginning of the school year

More uses for Jenga: Attachment, impulse control, social skills, and feelings

Trashketball and other games for middle and high school students that require little to zero effort.

Name Posters for the beginning of the year! Students color on the first day of school, then you can hang them up in your classroom for the rest of the year!

Ice Breaker Games for Kindergarten. I especially like the "If I could be an animal" one.

Ice Breaker Games For Teens - Some of these are really fun! Don't forget "Never have I ever"

Education World: Best Icebreaker and Get-to-Know-You Activities

List of 40 ice breaker games

Ice breaker activities

Click for a whole page of FUN TEAMBUILDERS. Use them at chapter meetings, officer retreats, during the new member program, and more!

Ice Breaker Games for High School Students | eHow

Team building/ ice breakers...LIST of MANY icebreakers or team-building exercises!

Social skills: I love the idea of teaching kids the difference between thinking something and how to say it in a nicer way! Definitely going to use this!

30 days of Ice breakers- create the staff you want

Great idea! A ball that has fun questions or tasks the kids have to complete written all over it. The ball is then passed around and when they catch it they must answer or act out what is written below their right thumb. I love this for a date night!!!! Mix it up! **Cute, would have to make it geared towards youth group.

This or That? Getting to know you Activity! We are all connected in some way, team concept for the classroom!

Ice breaker games can help kids and young adults to get beyond shyness in small group situations. You might want to play an ice breaker game with a small group of kids or teens who will be collaborating in a school class or summer job. These games can make it fun and less stressful for kids to learn each other’s names and get to know each...

Life as I Know it...: 52 Get to Know You Questions! Perfect for team-building!