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    linda faye vaughn, hurst golden girl -

    First Lady of Motorsports Linda Vaughn (center) and two other young ladies representing the Hurst Corporation at motor racing events in the 60's & 70's and even into the 80's.

    If my sainted grand mother was still alive she would describe this young lady as "healthy looking" and indeed she is. We need more of them at racing events.

    Linda Vaughn, Miss Hurst Golden Shifter

    Miss Hurst Golden Shifter, Linda Vaughn

    A very young Linda Vaughn struts her stuff as Miss Hurst Golden Shifter at Daytona in the early '70s. Look at the lady in the sunglasses and then the young man in the trench coat. They obviously have differing opinions about Linda. Today Linda is known as "The First Lady of Motorsport" and for obvious reasons.

    Vintage Drag Racing - Linda Vaughn - Hurst

    I know you needed a break from all those vintage photos and videos so this young lady volunteered to take your mind elsewhere. She is just begging to go for a ride with you so don't disappoint her.

    I understand that the recent Legends of Motorsports event was only able to draw 60 entries and 1200 spectators. If they had advertised that this young lady would be present I guarantee that the turn-out would have been much better.

    Linda Vaughn Hurst model

    Linda Vaughn, Miss Hurst picture thread.

    For decades Linda Vaughn brought a bit of feminine charm and sexiness to motor sports events around the nation representing the Hurst Corporation as Miss Hurst Golden Shifter

    Linda Vaughn, the legendary “Miss Hurst Golden Shifter”

    Big Daddy Don Garlits doing a fire burn-out

    Linda Vaughn/ This is Warren Johnson's pro stock cutlass


    Vintage Drag Racing - Linda Vaughn and Dick Landy

    Linda Vaughn, legend of the auto racing scene from the 60′s through the early 80′s was better known as Miss Hurst Golden Shifter. She was a trophy queen whose voluptuous looks and charm often stole the show at auto racing events she attended: SCCA, NASCAR, Indy & Formula One, among others.

    The "First Lady of Motorsports" Linda Vaughn wants you to go with her for a ride in her Hurst-Olds go-kart. The year is 1979.

    We'd like to introduce you to Nikki Phillips, June Cochran (Playmate of the Year, 1963), and, of course, Linda Vaughn on the far right. This was shot by either Pat Brollier or Gerry Stiles at the NHRA Nationals in Indianapolis in September 1971

    Big Daddy