cubes, cubes cubes

A structure like this made out of cubes could potentially be a good way to display items in the store, while conforming to the pixel theme of the style guide.

Box-el-proximo-nivel-de-projection-mapping.jpg (640×359)

This is a pop up mobile display made by nike. Constructed from wooden crates combined with colorful graphics that form a rhubix cube effect. The multiple points of entry allow for a better flow of heavy foot traffic, By walking into the structure the public would be emersing themselves into a new world and witnessing pop up shop as an experience

Vintage Oxo Cube Tin with Original Cardboard Cube Packaging from our website

Vertical wall display


Voices of Design Exhibition

AdCubes4.jpg (640×360)


Looks like its made out of wood could also be made out of stacked cardboard. would be good for a small area, different shapes could be made depending on how we arrange the cardboard. -NOOKA Display | SOFTlab | Archinect

It's like a waterfall, except it's all made of light. It's great how light can play with our senses. How light can create things that aren't really there. And it's so hard to convince your brain that it's not.

Rubiks cube art.

Cool way to display the Debrief logo reusing old cups shouldn't be too expensive. Could do a whole cup theme-Anthropologie "Cup o' Tea" display

large gumball cube packaging

Logictech Cube. Beautiful packaging, great design

Grass Blades Exhibit literally brings a different world to an everyday space. The display 3d and has interactive elements.

Fukusaya Cube Castella | Japanese sponge cake

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