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  • Lisa Malone

    Store Fresh Eggs for 2 Years (WOW! Who knew!?)Imagine eating exclusive out of food storage for an extended period of time. Wouldn't we miss those eggs? Now you don't have to. Unfortunately as a society with all the awesome conveniences we have, we have lost much knowledge that those who lived before us had. Such as how to preserve many different varieties of fresh foods, such as eggs. There are a couple of ways to preserve eggs. I'll mention one today. Did you know that an egg will stay fresh as long as air does not penetrate the somewhat porous shell? When an egg is laid, it has a coating on it that protects the contents from going bad, even in a hot nest, while being sat upon by a contented mother bird. When eggs are processed for sale, they are cleaned, thereby removing some of the natural coating that was protecting the egg from spoilage. By purchasing fresh eggs and recreating the barrier between the outside air and the egg within the shell, you can significantly increase the egg's shelf life, even when stored at room temperature for great lengths of time. Here's how. First, get a large container of Vaseline and a bunch of eggs, preferably in Styrofoam containers. If you can only find eggs in cardboard containers, that's okay. Just use plastic wrap inside of them to protect the cardboard from the Vaseline. Next, get ready to get messy. Take eggs out of container. Get a small amount of Vaseline on your hands. (You can use gloves if you wish.) Pick up an egg and rub the Vaseline all over the egg until it is covered completely. The Vaseline doesn't have to be thick, just don't miss any spots. When it's covered, set it back into the egg carton, with the wide end of the egg at the top. (That's where the little air space is located inside the shell) Get a little more Vaseline on your hands and do another egg. Repeat until all eggs are covered. Close cartons, date, and put into your food storage room. To use an egg, put a little dish soap on your hands and rub it all over the egg. Rinse with warm water while wiping the egg clean. Only wash as many eggs as you intend to use right away. If you want to be sure your egg is still fresh before eating it, simply drop it into a bowl of water. If it sinks, it's fresh. If it floats, some air has gotten inside the shell and you should discard the egg.

  • Kimberly G

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Someday I want to have my own chicken coup... This will be hanging on the side of it!!

How to tell if an Egg is Fresh ~ If the egg lies on its side on the bottom it is very fresh, If the egg stands up and bobs on the bottom it isn’t quite as fresh, If the egg floats on the surface, discard! Here is a link to the show The Doctors where they talk about this: www.thedoctorstv....

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Usually the best part of my day is gathering the eggs from my 3 backyard hens, so this pic looks esp. sweet to me. I'm also jealous of that really splotchy egg, I'd like to add a hen that produces that to my little flock.

the fantasy is: when I'm not wearing frou frou dresses, i would be tromping in boots and working in the garden and collecting eggs from my own personal chickens! love fantasies!