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    Supercells are rotating updrafts within severe thunderstorms; they’re big, and scary. They can appear anywhere in the world given the right meteorological conditions, but most times they appear in the Great Plains of the US, last generally 2-3 hours and they sometimes split in 2, with the two resulting storms going in opposite directions. The supercells usually produce huge amounts of hail, torrential rainfall, strong winds, and substantial downbursts and are often carriers of giant hail.

    the falling sky...

    Hail Dump

    Supercells - continuously rotating updraft within severe thunderstorms - frightening!

    Stormy Sky

    Summer storms are gorgeous, they clean the air and freshen the earth. As long as we do not get large hail or tornadoes, bring it. My favorite color combination in nature. Dark grey and bright green!



    An Amazing Storm

    This is what you look like in my life. Wild, Dangous and powerful, but so wonderful to experience... I love you

    I've never tried PanPastel before but I think I'm in love! ♥

    Black Sand Magic - giclee by ยฉRoy Tabora

    Scot Storm Winter Crimson, love cardinals

    stormy weather

    sand storm


    Impending Storm, Colorado

    Beauty of the storm


    ✯ Storm