Why don't my succulents look like this?



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The Top 5: Spectacular Succulents - look at some of the gorgeous colors in this pic!!! I'd love to know what some of these are!

succulents. oh succulents.

Sidewalk Succulents

Beautiful succulent planting

Sedum variety 'Thundercloud' | Sedum Garden


Wine Theme Potted Plants - great autumn planter idea.


Orange tree espalier, gardening, landscaping, succulent, low water landscape

Better Homes & Gardens... All you have to do is submerse them in water once a month--I can handle that!

Angelonia -It’s easy to grow and flowers profusely (AND IT’S PURPLE!) great plant for our dry spells and heat. Not fussy about soil either. Butterflies love it!

succulent garden

Rooting Succulent Leaf Cuttings with Honey,. this is an excellent site for learning succulent care!

Living Succulent wall art

Succulent - Sedum 'Fine Gold'. So bright and fun!

love the senecio at the bottom too