Wonderful fav want a pic of this


Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey // Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing....still one of my all time favorites. This was from one of the hottest scenes. I see this picture and can hear the song play in my head. :)

Tyler and Nora

'Dirty Dancing' - Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze - 1987 - '50's dresses & hairstyles.

Dirty Dancing Patrick Swayze Jennifer Gray Two by BeefcakeAndBods, $6.50

Some Kind of Wonderful

Dirty Dancing

"Nobody puts baby in the corner." | Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey as Johnny & Baby | Dirty Dancing (1987)

titanic {love this movie}

Dirty Dancing... i love this movie too much.

Dirty Dancing-LOVE this movie!

baby.....one of the faves!

Dirty Dancing- "Nobody puts baby in the corner" - Patrick Swayze . Rest in peace


Grease! I love this movie (okay, mainly the dancing and singing... haha.)

Dirty Dancing - nobody puts baby in the corner