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  • Mallory

    cat wall. for when I am a crazy cat lady.

  • Kaesey Browne

    Awesome cat stairs! If I become the crazy cat lady look for these for they will be everywhere...

  • Lorin Stuart

    kitty cat shelves and stairs.. This takes "crazy cat lady" to a whole new level..

  • Shana Smith

    For all you indoor crazy cat lovers! kitty cat shelves and stairs

  • Allison Hughes

    Goin' stair crazy. Cat house ideas - please don't have me committed. ;-)

  • Sandra Christy

    cat wall - cat tree. Too bad I'll never do it, sigh,

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never thought of a cat shelf.. zyla's food would be safer up there! :)

子猫運び中、、、、 come on son... you can do this thing! kep climbing i am right behind you :) i wont let you fall John 3:16 john 14 1-5 the Gospel according to John -The Bible :)

Turn your home into a feline wonderland by positioning different sized floating shelves at varying positions across your walls. A cheap alternative to a cat tree that kitty is sure to love.

these steps are awesome! though Im wondering what that shoe is doing on that top shelf.... ;)

I don't care what Colby says, I'll have a cat and I'll do this.

Lack the space but want a kitty's an idea!

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bring me a martini dry extra olives. I love the dandelions on the wall

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