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    In the part of Logan County where my parents lived, they lived in a house on a road that was very, very steep.  Mom always said if you open your mouth and talk while walking uphill, you would get a bit of dirt in it.  The house was built on stilts.  The house up on the hill above him had a drainage pipe where sewage would spill over into my family's back yard. The family's name was McCoy.

    • Mickey FortyEighthours

      Johnse Hatfield, son of Devil Anse Hatfield; he got Roseanna McCoy pregnant broke her heart and married her cousin Nancy McCoy.

    • IrishRose

      Johnse Hatfield, son of Devil Anse Hatfield, who took up with Roseanna McCoy and they had a baby girl.

    • becky reynolds

      Roseanna McCoy and Johnse Hatfield | Johnse Hatfield and Roseanna McCoy, star crossed lovers and victims of ...

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      Johnse Hatfield. For Hatfield McCoy Tour Info, call (800) 844-7453 or visit

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      Hatfield? McCoy? Possibly. An antique picture of a Pikeville, KY resident.

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      real pictures of the hatfields and mccoys - Google Search

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      The Hatfield and McCoy Feud Johnse Hatfield.

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      Johnse Hatfield, son of Devil Anse Hatfield

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      The Hatfield and McCoy Feud

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    A beautiful photo courtesy of Chris Coleman of the Cap Hatield monument. Historians have long suggested that there was a falling out between Cap and his famous father Devil Anse and many of them point to the fact Cap was not buried in the Hatfield Cemetery with his father and brothers. Cap's cemetery is found on the road before you get to the Hatfield Family Cemetery located at Sarah Ann. He passed away in 1930

    Keeping it in the family: Another feuding Hatfield known as Cap and Roseanna McCoy who took up with Johnse Hatfield and had a baby

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