Soddy-Daisy, TN --- The New Soddy Coal company store in 1910. The store was built in 1883. It was owned and operated by Durham Coal and Iron. Closed in 1929. After a hosiery mill operated out of it for a short period a furniture manufacturer started using the building in 1961. On Christmas Eve 1961 some young boys threw a cherry bomb inside the building thru a crack and caught the building on fire. The building was a total loss from the fire.

In early 1962, a fire began in Centralia, PA's garbage dump, which happened to have been built on top of a coal seam. The coal caught fire and spread into the mine. It is still burning to this day. In 2002, the US Postal Service revoked the borough's Zip Code.

W.T. Grant department store fire at New York's Sixth Avenue and 18th Street in April 1916.

The Hasard Cheratte coal mine near Liège, Belgium. Closed down in 1977 and slowly decaying ever since. This place is really a paradise for Urban Explorers, beautiful old buildings, lots of character, this place still has a soul Hasard Cheratte by PPJC, via Flickr

A fire at the L'Innovation department store in Brussels, Belgium. May 22, 1967

Fire station, 1910 Located at Broadway and Terrace - Seattle, Washington

In the small town of Ashland, Pennsylvania, Route 61 takes an unexplained detour; a “Keep Out” sign straddles the original highway. Ignore the warning and you'll arrive in the abandoned town of Centralia, where an underground mine fire has been burning since 1962 when residents accidentally ignited a vein of anthracite coal. Despite efforts stop the fire it still burns today and could burn for 250 years. Some houses still stand but most have been demolished. 'Silent Hill' was based on this t...

"These all work in Cleveland Hosiery Mills. The very youngest one (with curls) said, "I ravels and picks up." Small boy in another mill said, "Over in Cleveland, they work em so little, they have to stand em on boxes to reach." Children here and in the hosiery mills generally seemed better dressed and in better condition than in spinning mills. Cleveland, Tenn, December 1910"

Old Elvet Bridge, County Durham, England

UK: "Women! You are needed in the National Fire Service" -- Dispatch rider, telephone operator, canteen worker, many other support roles.

1952 photo of the Brock Candy Company in Chattanooga. Here chocolate covered cherries, a Valentine's Day favorite, receive the bottom coat of chocolate.

While building the Chickamauga Dam, Chattanooga, TN

Morristown College. For over a hundred years Morristown College in Morristown, TN provided a two-year college education to primarily African-American students. It now stands closed and abandoned.

Centralia, Pennsylvania Centralia was once a prosperous mining town, but in 1962 a mine fire broke out, which continues to burn off the coal underground to this day. As a result, its population is 10 as of 2010, making it one of the least-populated municipalities in Pennsylvania.

Centralia, PA.

The Devil Went down to Georgia.

Oldest Church Building in Tennessee. The Sinking Creek Baptist Church building was built in 1783 and remained in use until 1924. They now have a relatively more modern building next door, but keep this one well maintained. It's located on highway TN91 (Old Us321), the older road from Elizabethton to Johnson City in Carter County

Chattanooga TN Fire Department. Circa 1919 with there then New Seagrave Ladder Tiller

Chattanooga Public Library's Local History and Genealogy Flickr site

Cleveland, Tennessee, The Eternal Flame of the Cherokee Nation. This fire is a memorial of those people who suffered and died on the infamous 'Trail of Tears'. It also commemorates the reuniting of the Eastern and Western Cherokee Nation here at Red Clay. Aug. 7, 1837- Apr. 6,1984

centralia pa | Mine fire visible from a hillside in Centralia, Pennsylvania, 1983