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    Soddy-Daisy, TN --- The New Soddy Coal company store in 1910. The store was built in 1883. It was owned and operated by Durham Coal and Iron. Closed in 1929. After a hosiery mill operated out of it for a short period a furniture manufacturer started using the building in 1961. On Christmas Eve 1961 some young boys threw a cherry bomb inside the building thru a crack and caught the building on fire. The building was a total loss from the fire.

    Zayre Department Store - Golden gateway/Cameron Hill - Chattanooga, Tennessee- late '70's.

    Coal Miner's Daughter sweater by Sewmoe on Etsy

    "These all work in Cleveland Hosiery Mills. The very youngest one (with curls) said, "I ravels and picks up." Small boy in another mill said, "Over in Cleveland, they work em so little, they have to stand em on boxes to reach." Children here and in the hosiery mills generally seemed better dressed and in better condition than in spinning mills. Cleveland, Tenn, December 1910"

    A black lung victim nears his last breath. His sons, also coal miners, keep vigil. In 1998, NIOSH estimated that 2,000 miners died annually from lung diseases caused by exposure to coal dust.

    Scotts' Run, West Virginia. Miner's child digging coal from mine refuse (Mexican). Bertha Hollow, 1936 by The U.S. National Archives, via Flickr

    A coal miner with the last canary to be used down underground.

    Coal Miner

    Basement stairs outside the house--lift the doors and go down the stairs. The reason the stairs were outside the house is so the coal could be delivered to the basement near the furnace. Yes...the coal....

    Kentucky Coal Miner.

    Coal miners bucket

    Joe Sheddan's Store in the Mt. Horeb community of Jefferson County, TN

    Three Welsh Coal Miners Just Up from the Pits After a Day's Work in Coal Mine in Wales

    Coal Miner

    Soddy Daisy 1950s

    Coal miner.

    Women Coal Miners, 1890

    Coal miner, Desmond Hairston and family (Longacre, West Virginia) (1943) by Penn State Special Collections Library via Flickr

    Pioneer’s Cabin, 1865-1866, printed ca. 1876, Carleton E. Watkins (American, 1829–1916)

    Women Coal Miners, 1890.

    Coal Mining, Women Coal Miners, South Wales, Date: 1890