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Give voice to what matters, What sustains you? #whatsustainsyou


You deserve the Best, Your BEautiful, and your struggles in life do matter. You matter. Always here for you :)


the love of my family #whatsustainsyou

reading #whatsustainsyou

sitting on the porch soaking up the sun #whatsustainsyou

she had rings on her fingers & bells on her shoes and i knew without asking she was into the blues. she wore scarlet begonias tucked into her curls, i knew right away she was not like other girls... Grateful Dead/ Sublime, Scarlet Beginias :) @Marriah Harris

So true.

Whats horrifying is that the can eats better than even one child!

this quote!




EarthHour.T-1 .. 58 , 57, 56, ,,, LastGlassOfWater LastApple will we reach a LastDay OfBreath? Create UrChallenge Lead aMission .. WeDay AllAroundThePlanet LetsGetStarted! #InTheNOW.

Inspiration Bud Vases, $64, hand crafted and individually marked with an inspirational quote

Our Daisy Organic Pillow in Gray was featured by Better Homes and Gardens in their Design Small Rooms to Multitask blog post! -- http://www.bhg.com/decorating/small-spaces/strategies/space-solution-every-room/?page=2

Check out Marion Nestle's blog post about “food company sponsorship of nutrition research and practice.” http://www.foodpolitics.com/2013/11/more-on-food-company-sponsorship-of-nutrition-research-and-practice/ She advises: "In my opinion, agriculture, food, nutrition, and health professionals should dismiss industry-sponsored research out of hand, and journals should not accept industry-sponsored papers."

A government owned by corporations cannot, and will not, protect the citizens nor the environment properly.

Amazing, fascinating, scary TV news reactions to the National Climate Assessment. (Ignorance, fear, distrust, hatred, denial? Thoughts?)

Marion Nestle also advises: "Peer reviewers, journal editors, and readers ought to be asking: Why did the sponsor fund this study? Was the research question designed to permit an answer that might not meet the sponsor’s goal? Was the study conducted in a way that permitted an answer against the sponsor’s interest? Sponsored studies almost always fail these tests of independence." http://www.foodpolitics.com/2013/11/more-on-food-company-sponsorship-of-nutrition-research-and-practice/