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that's the evilest thing I can Imagine meme, dumpaday (4)

Learn killer riffs! Master chords and scales! Check out this great guitar site - guitar-cxq26g74.p...

Day to Night Mug ♥ {changes from light to dark with heated liquid}

And you display your mug collection like a work of art. | 33 Signs That Coffee Owns You

Whether your cup is half empty or half full it doesn't matter. Either way you get to have more coffee once it's done! #Coffee #MrCoffee #Humor

hi marcus, how are you doing? what's happening up in Oxnard - how is it that you ended up living there? is that where you are from originally - or from elsewhere? haven't been on match the past few days...been busy with other things. how about you? susan

The corkcicle is better, but this is cool too....if you are too lazy to stir your coffee!

Reusable cup cozy that speaks to what I really want when enjoying my favorite coffee.