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What Disney taught me… THAT just answered a big question about where my girls learned the drama!!! Worth the whole 2+ hours of Pinterest time tonight!

So THAT'S what social drinker means.

#Truth or when you lil sister says she doesnt want to help dora but dora keeps talking like if she said yes while your sister yells at her!

Story of my life! I envy those who can easily go back to sleep in the morning. ☺

Yeah. I try to be nice but the honest truth is I just don't like most people. I'm not interested in the same fleshy things you are. My mind is set on the spiritual and if you can't keep up you are quite boring and irrelevant to me. Sorry.

Friendship is so weird.. you just pick a human you've met and you’re like “yep, i like this ... by @BiIIMurray, Twitter #51090 -

Thank you to everyone on Pinterest I interact with for sharing the beauty of the world through your eyes and hearts, for your friendship, inspiration, kind words and the little laughs.


Pretty sure my best friend would try to 'send me back' if I came back from the dead after two years... // haha

Our Help Center is the place to go for answers to any of your Pinterest questions—and it just got a makeover!

Lets send each other pins!!! Anything we would like, or ideas for a new board!!! Who wants to send me some pins??