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How Much Of A Stress Head Are You?

When you look at this gif, how much do you feel you can relate to it?

Tony Robbins incantation, "All I need is within me now!" Remembering that I always have what I need to be, do, and have all that I want.

It is well....with my soul. {free printable can be downloaded here: in several colors}

We all resist change. We all cling to the status quo even if the status quo isn’t all that great. Why? It’s easy — we ALL fear change. We fear the unknown. Most people seem to live their lives based on the theory, “better the devil you know than the one you don’t.” We resist change, and yet in our heart of hearts we all know that change is inevitable. Life moves forward. Some of us get to a point in life where we think “life is good…I like where I am….so STOP it right here.” The problem…