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  • Amanda Maldonado

    DIY project for an ugly fridge chalkboard paint takes 3 coats {Tutorial}

  • Lauren Battaglia

    Chalkboard fridge. Took about 3 coats of chalkboard paint. Great idea for frig in the garage

  • Rosas Rosas

    #Craft: painting your fridge with chalkboard paint

  • Kelsey Ivey

    chalkboard painted fridge! Someday will be in my house.

  • Lauren Deger

    Chalk board refrigerator - great idea, but is chalkboard paint easy to clean?

  • Kaitlin Blair

    Chalkboard Painted Fridge. Great idea. I wonder what my landlord would say?

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painting a fridge! they used chalkboard paint, but perhaps would work with acrylic/latex paint in general? or does the grout mix-in matter?

Genevieve Gail: DIY Chalkboard Fridge with Jute Handles and Custom Magnets #chalk.. definitely need to do this then wouldnt have to always worry about what to make for dinner..

1. Sand the fridge a little 2. Buy some chalkboard paint 3. Brush/roll it on (I did a little of both) 4. Let it dry for three days 5. Rub chalk all over it and wipe

Chalkboard Paint the Refrigerator. maybe not for a brand new stainless steel one, but to spruce up an old boring white one haha (:

chalkboard paintt your fridge . Love this !! @ Home DIY Remodeling-----second fridge in laundry room

framed chalkboard fridge. Such a smart idea to cover an ugly fridge and make it match your rustic kitchen. This is definitely on my to do list!

the fridge door where temperatures are subject to fluctuation. Instead, milk does best in a stable temp zone, like on the middle or top shelf and all the way in the back where it’s coldest.

I'm a huge fan of chalkboard paint (it's already in our kitchen) and I LOVE the idea of using it as a focal feature in front of a desk!

chalkboard refrigerator - what a great idea to do with our nasty old one we have that no matter how I try to clean it, it still just looks grungy.