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Streak-Free Window Cleaner...No Wiping or Squeegeeing Required

Just this past week the weather has been nice enough to start working outside AND after a long winter…the windows on the outside of the house are looking pretty grimy! See what I mean??? It really makes it hard to enjoy the beauty of Spring unfurling all around us when you’re looking at it all …
  • JaNae Cottam

    Streak-Free Outdoor Window Cleaner (no wiping or squeegeeing required)

  • Carrie Clausen

    Streak free window cleaner. No wiping or squeegeeing required for outdoor window washing.

  • Cindy Mann

    exterior window washing

  • Yolonda O'Bryant

    spring cleaning window washing

  • Jessica Johnson

    Homemade window cleaner. No squeegee required. WooooHooooo!

  • Carol Capito

    streak free window washing 3 1/2 bottle of “Jet Dry” (the bottle I bought was just under 7 ounces so I measured out 3.5 ounces) 4 Tablespoons Alcohol (I used rubbing alcohol….70% I believe) 1/4 Cup Ammonia 1 handful of powdered dish-washer soap (which depending on the size of your hand could probably vary quite a bit! lol. I used a “handful” which looked to me to be about 1/4 cup. Give or take.) 2 Gallons of Hot Water

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HOMEMADE STREAK-FREE WINDOW CLEANER: 1/2 bottle of “Jet Dry” (about 3.5 oz), 4 T rubbing alcohol, 1/4 Cup Ammonia, 1/4 cup powdered dish-washer soap, 2 Gallons Hot Water - Spray window with water. Scrub window with solution. Spray window with water. Let air dry and enjoy!

Solution for Washing Outside Windows that you can just hose spray and not wipe off at the end. - need this for spring time

Streak-Free Window Cleaner…No Wiping or Squeegeeing Required!One Good Thing by Jillee | One Good Thing by Jillee

Homemade Window Cleaner Recipes & Tips...Making your own window cleaner is easy to do and uses simple ingredients you likely have around the house already (they’re often much cheaper to make than buying them and can work just as well too). Here’s a bunch of different recipes you can try along with a few tips listed at the bottom to help bring your windows to a streak-free shine.

How to professionally wash windows. Guaranteed to make you smile like this lady.

Streak-Free Window Cleaner…No Wiping or Squeegeeing Required!One Good Thing by Jillee | One Good Thing by Jillee

•Dawn Dish Detergent •Small Bowl or Bucket •Scrubby Pads •Absorbent Cloths •Squeegee •Dirty Windows

3 Green tips for washing windows & mirrors - Ask Anna