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My pet wolf and hawk. The wolf is named Moon and the Hawk is called Star. Moon changes colors according to her surroundings and Star scouts ahead for us and can sense when an enemy is close. They were gifts from Artmis when I left.

Trust no one but YOURSELF!

Wolf Art Print by Julie Hoddinott. My favorite creature in the animal kingdom

pas op, ik kom er aan.

Stalking, quietly moving through the snow. She moves with a hunters grace, eyes like a winter storm, she comes, she comes for you is that a wolf or fox

It's a baby wolves first howl.

Image result for native wolf quote

Image result for native wolf quote


Sometimes wolves make the strangest faces!


Sand ~ former loner ~ Deputy of Silver Pack ~ Mother: unknown ~ Father: unknown ~ Mate: Sharpthorn ~ Pup: Light ( Lightbreeze ) ~ Sand is a playful mischievous female ~ ( Open )