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Keith Moon...if only his life had been as bright and beautiful as the flowers behind him ;(

another hero from when I was 5 hehe (creepycreepycrawlycrawly creepycreepycrawlycrawly creepycreepycrawlycrawly)

Keith Moon IT'S AMAZING that I'm attracted to the pirate version of this man

Keith Moon -- pretty sure we would've been best friends ...

Keith Moon... in a Beatles shirt.

Keith Moon, the best drummer of all time.

ONE OF THE GREATEST DRUMMERS EVER!! Even today, Keith Moon (R.I.P.) remains one of my favorite rock drummer influences. As I learned drumming as a child, I would gravitate towards Keith's work but I did not have access to a band as outstanding as The Who. Even today, there's an absence of really comparable bands or drummers like Keith. CLICK on THE GRAPHIC to hear Keith's influence on my work. Also, VISIT WWW.REVERBNATION..... Finally, add The Who to your playlist today!!