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    But is this true for everyone? There are people everywhere, terrified of sharks, their teeth and their inevitable attack. The thing is though, sharks only kill approximately 5 people per year. We kill 8,000 sharks per hour.

    Who is the real predator? 11,417 sharks are killed per hour, Help stop for more

    Save Our Sharks & help change the world's perspective on these wonderful creatures!

    They may be dangerous, but to me, in photos like such they demonstrate beauty, elegance, and power.

    Shark Extinction.. SAVE THE SHARKS

    Infographic: Sharks Count! Why It’s Important To Save Sharks

    Save The Sharks - Stop Shark Finning

    These sharks are being slaughtered to make "Shark Fin Soup" mainly in Asian restaurants across the world. Their population has decreased by 50% in the last 10 years. Do Not Order Shark Fin Soup - to help stop this massacre.

    A whale shark that has been "finned" - shark finning is an grotesque practice that is destroying our oceans

    Infographic on shark finning and the importance of sharks in marine ecosystems - Pew Environment Group