"Pardon my ghetto... But bitch, please." - YOUR ECARDS - funny

pardon my french, but seriously!

Some call it bitching

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LOL ouch...Funny Family Ecard: I hate it when ugly people say 'I need my beauty sleep.' Bitch, you need to hibernate.

HAHAHA this is my life right now.

So true


Us Bitches, no kidding let it out it's been awhile

Jedi are cool, but Mom is WAY cooler! ♥♥♥

go ahead...... I heard you were the best worker your dad ever had on the farm, barring that one tractor incident by the fuel tank..... oopsie.... well maybe that and possibly killing the state bird!



You know you just laughed!! :)

I'll never get tired of saying it: Karma is a bitch.... BITCH!

Us Bitches!! 💋💋💋 @nettiekins @crankychica