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No way....

Funny pictures about Is that you Brian? Oh, and cool pics about Is that you Brian? Also, Is that you Brian?

As much as I like these, and I do think this one is a little funny, I'm a HUGE Gene Wilder fan and the person who made this is obviously  unaware of the other movies Wilder was in, Blazing Saddles, Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother,  Young Frankenstein... those are all classics. Kids these days need to do their research...


gene wilder is actually in amazing films: The ORIGINAL Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory,Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, and The Producers. just sayin.

You can't unsee this

You can't unsee this. The uncanny resemblance between Harry Styles and Rizzo


25 Ways The Internet Can Help You Have The Best Day

Bad Luck Brian is a photo meme featuring an unfortunate high school picture of an overly happy red-headed boy. The gist of the meme is that poor Brian has the worst.

Poor Gordo :( If it helps I always thought she didn't deserve you lol <3

Poor Gordo

GORDO forever in the friend zone. Props to Hilary Duff for being one of the few Disney child stars to not go bat shit crazy.

Kristen please, it's not like you land these gigs based on your acting abilities.

Her acting. oh my I love the Twilight books but her acting killed the movies :(

Harry Potter + Mean Girls + Miley Cyrus = Hilarious.  I tried explaining this joke to my dad. Didn't quite work

Harry Potter + Mean Girls + Miley Cyrus = Hilarious. "I have this theory that if you cut all her hair off she'd look like a British man!

OMG so funny!

Funny pictures about Gotye in traffic. Oh, and cool pics about Gotye in traffic. Also, Gotye in traffic.

Oh my gosh, this is so true, hahaha.

funny abercrombie and fitch advertising clothes without wearing them since 1892

21 Signs You Were Raised By Lawyers

21 Signs You Were Raised By Lawyers

21 Jumpstreet - Must watch this again! SO funny! An actual laugh out loud movie :)