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  • The Kreative Korner

    holy smokes... making life easier 1 step atta time. :) {I've GOT to remember to try the elevator trick!!}

  • Fleur Menezes

    I've already done the bread tie things with the electric cords. I like the wooden spoon over the pot to prevent liquids boiling over and I really want to try the elevator trick ;)

  • Cathy Pierce

    Helpful hints Life hacks

  • Noah

    (Household Tips) Hold a nail with a comb when hammering. Rub walnuts over scratches in wood to cover them. Use bread bag clips to label cords. A glass bowl makes a great amplifier. Use cardboard tubes to organize cords. Use a wooden spoon to prevent water from over-boiling. Use a can opener to safely open plastic packaging. Wrap X-Mas lights around a hanger. Use sticky notes to catch debris while drilling. Rubber band a sock over a vacuum to find small lost items. And more!

  • Ro Holmes

    Good Ideas for DIY #crafts #ideas #DIY

  • snowwhiterocks

    #lifehacks #goodtoknow #organise #storage #DIY #craft #homemade Life hacks and using ordinary things to help everyday life

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