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    • Captain Matanor

      Bizarre Ocean Creatures: The Hatchetfish

    • Jill Craner James

      The Deep Sea Hatchetfish — Named for their shape, these little beauties range from 1-6 inches, are very thin, and have large upward facing eyes that are thought to be used to locate prey above them. They are vertical migrators, meaning that they swim from the depths to upper waters to hunt. Hatchetfishes are one of the many deep sea creatures that have the ability to create their own light through a process known as bioluminescence via special light-producing organs known as photophophores.

    • Danger Dickie-San

      Amazing Animal Photos (63 pics)

    • Camryn Weeks

      Why no one should mess with the ocean (6-21): It's probably better that it's dark down there because THIS is the kind of shit you'd see: Deepsea Hatchet Fish

    • Tess Rinehart

      Marine Hatchetfish, another bizarre deep sea fish.

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