This website has a "Recycle Your Wedding" section where brides can sell decorations from their wedding. Worth a look before you buy 80 square vases.

This website has a TON of cheap decorations, wedding stuff, crafts, etc. pinning for future reference.

OH MY GOODNESS THIS SITE IS ADDICTING IF YOU ARE PLANNING A WEDDING!!! It's all resale stuff from other weddings. SUPER cheap, but cool stuff!

Website where you can buy recycled wedding items

Website for Selling Wedding Supplies ~Cheaper than buying it all new! And you can sell your things when you're done!!!

$14 aisle runner, then we can stencil it with your monogram! This website has awesome inexpensive wedding items!!!

Pin now, look later.. This site is like the Pinterest of weddings... literally. pin this now.

Kate Spade,"Mrs" necklace. Someone tell my future husband I want this for our wedding :)

Website that sells mason jars for cheap.

Transparent lace tape - for vases or mason jars!

I agree with all but #7 & 10... If I had to buy a dress to be in your wedding, you're buying one to be in mine. I will however feed you and buy your drinks. :-)

This site sells bulk candy and is sorted by color

invitation addressing etiquette. so many people don't know these simple rules! I'll be happy I pinned this one day!

Burlap Rolls For Wedding

A Party Planner's Dream Website...people selling used wedding decor at a reasonable price.

flowers lit from below

What to DIY & what not to for your wedding day!

Share Pin Tweet Share StumbleUpon Eiffel tower vases are incredibly beautiful and becoming more and more popular amongst today’s brides. If you want to use these vases for wedding centerpieces, here are a few great tips for making them look wonderful! Odd Numbers For one reason or another, odd numbers in groupings are visually appealing. …

Paper lanterns as light-up centerpieces--inexpensive idea. Beautiful! # Pin++ for Pinterest #