would've soooooo wanted to paint this photo when i was a little girl... miss painting.

this can't be real!

A beautiful baby owl just chilling out. - #adorable #animals #aww #babies #cute #cutest #darling #lovable #loveable

Baby owls - Gus holding a lot of little baby owls in their hands.

Snow Owl

"Peeved " by Megan Lorenz Burrowing Owl. Cape Coral, Florida

I think I look like this a lot....

Heart faced sooty owl.

Winter owl animals outdoors winter snow owl

Barred Owl I

I might be on a bit of an owl kick lately. Don't know why winter and Christmas have put owls in my brain. Either way, this photo is magnificent.

Great Horned Owl mom and owlet. Her eyes are saying "touch my child and die"

Spotted Wood Owl

beautiful bird


A Cute Owl

juvenile Spectacled Owl, Suriname


Owl sweet Owl

White Feather Owl Pinned by www.myowlbarn.com

Philippine Scops Owl, common small owl, endemic to Philippines. Hooting call sounds like "oik, oik, oik" Photo by Brian Santos