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Remember, you have more power than you know to change the direction of your husband’s day. Go grab that Post-it right now!

10 compliments your husband needs to hear. I use these and didn't even know that I "should".

Words of Affirmation for Your Husband - Mama Knows It All

65 Ways to Say "I'm Sorry"

Saying "I'm sorry" is another way of saying, "I love you." The Dating Divas want to act quickly when it comes to apologizing and have applied their creative minds to come up with a collection of ideas to help you make amends with your hubby. Don't waste a moment of your married life being disconnected from your husband. Apologize today!

Alphabet Dating // Fun Date Ideas from A-Z

Alphabet Dating (fun date ideas for married couples).

The Secrets of Happy Couples by happify #Infographic #Happiness #Relationships

Here's How To Have A Happy Relationship, According To Science (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Secrets of Happy Couples by happify #Infographic #Happiness #Relationships

Give Thanks - 10 Ways to show your spouse gratitude

10 ways to give thanks to your husband! #thanksgiving #marriage

try this in 2015 - print for planner

This is super nice to have. Austin's love language is words of affirmation and I try my best to show it but I constantly feel like I'm saying the same thing over and over again.

Fondness and Admiration: Keys to Long-Lasting Relationships

Feed the Good Stuff, 10 Ways to nurture fondness and admiration in your marriage - a #staymarried blog for couples