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Tender deer meat in the oven. While I do prefer the chicken fried... this was juicy, tender, and you really get the full flavor of the delicious fresh deer

Venison Taco Pie Recipe. -I've used both shredded and cubed venison, for this (just don't like ground), and it turned out great! Top with sour cream, guacamole, sliced green onions, and salsa to make it extra YUM!

Venison-the grill is an excellent way to start. The high heat and quick cooking time suit the more tender cuts of meat (such as filets) as well as ground venison, if you wish to fix burgers. If you are grilling venison as burgers, it is not necessary to get these patties as well done as a beef burger. However, many people, after a lifetime of well done burgers, will prefer to have their venison burgers cooked to at least medium.

Bacon Wrapped Backstrap Stuffed with Mushrooms and Blue Cheese

Venison Burgers. This might be my new deer burger recipe...I'm gonna have to try it...

Mississippi Kitchen: Shredded Venison Taco Meat in the crock pot

Venison Vegetable Soup Recipe. I usually double the recipe and freeze a lot of it. Super easy to just pull out on days I don't have time to cook.

Pan-Fried Venison Steak Recipe --- This is the best deer steak I've ever had....Andy cooked it, and it was seriously so delish! Don't tell my dad that this was better than his though :)