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My little sister is 3 years old and this morning she woke up and stayed crying because Niall wasn't at our house, because he was singing. Niall's her imaginary friend so I get to talk and play with Niall a lot. So my mom was out and my dad had to call her and tell her to bring Niall home with her. Yeah she's my favorite sister she's the only one who understands me :) x

Day 5: Favorite photo of Niall Horan and why. he just looks so adorable and thats why i love him so much, cause he's just too cute for words:)

Repin if you liked Nialler before he got Braces!<<don't repin if you truly didn't love him before .

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Distance. *Sequel to "Try not to fall in love with any of the boys."* - Chapter 13.

Niall<3 i don't know why, but seeing this picture gave me an overwhelming amount of happiness! he is so adorable!

"Over Again(One Direction Vampire Story)Niall Horan Love Story - Introduction" by Macie_Lynn - "Macie was like every other teenager but she was a vampire. She was bit by her old boyfriend Niall Ho…"


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Reasons to love Niall