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Loooved this series!!! HATE the extreme commercialism and teeny-bopper cult following. I love that she's LDS!!! A friend told me these are inappropriate I DON'T C IT I hope I'm not desensitized. Looove Anne Rice but she has a lot of smut scattered through her books.

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro Another case where I loved the movie and would love a more in-depth version of the story.

Told through the voice of Harper Lee's heroine, the young and impressionable Scout Finch, this tale of growing up in the racially-charged deep southern United States offers many lessons on friendship, community, justice and acceptance.

This is a story not to be missed, although take a pass on the movie, it was awful. This is the story of Norwegian immigrants who settle the Isles of Shoals, a group of cold and desolate islands near the coast of New Hampshire. In 1873, two women on one of the islands are murdered, while another woman survives. Shreve does such a masterful job of capturing the feeling of these lonely islands.

New Anita Shreve, Love all her books.

The Pilot's Wife, I love Anita Shreve!

I always read her stuff...this one wasn't as good as some others

Light on Snow. Anita Shreve.

Provoking story told in different points of view. It's a representation of how important validation is for all of us and when looking for it in the wrong ways the consequences can be life changing.