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    If you see your cat or dog do this, it's not trying to be cute or funny. This is called "head pressing" and is usually a sign of a critical medical condition. #pets

    Diy Pet First Aid Kit

    5 dog breeds for protection (ans use as a BOV :) I would love to have a Cane Corso, but it's so big, and it is said to be hard to train. Rottweiler is a good pick.

    Foods Toxic To Dogs. #healthy #pets

    Pin now, read later HOW TO CLEAN YOUR DOG'S EARS at home. Step-by-step instructions with lots of photos.

    Pet Business: It's Your Pet's Health!

    10 "PEOPLE" Foods DOGS 🐶🐺Can EAT: 🍴 1) Carob🍫 2) Peanut Butter 3) Pears 🍐 4) Popcorn 5) Fruit Salad 🍓🍌🍈🍎 6) Tuna 🐡7) Pasta🍝 8) Peppermint🌿🍃 9) Pretzels 10) Zucchini 🍆🐕🐩👍💋😘😄😍

    Finally, we can know what our cats and dogs are saying to us through body language! My kitty loves me!! yay!

    Shark Pet Bed #Under-$50 #For-Pets

    How To Get Your Dog to Come When Called (no matter what)

    Be your own dog whisperer, I know these but it's good to have a reminder reference to check in with once and a while to know where your dogs are at socially

    How to Bathe Your Pet -

    Frankincense and Lavender for hot spots on a dog | Young Living Oils

    So awesome!

    I almost cried

    Dog owners: Share this important infographic or click through to print and hang on your refrigerator as a reminder! 20 Foods Dogs Should NEVER Eat

    pets are family

    send in a pic of your dog and you will get a stuffed animal that looks just like it! Perfect for when a pet passes away.

    Adorable pet jacket.

    Your-Pets-Veterinary-Needs-Infographic A great guideline for your pets whole life.