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Cleaning a cutting board with lemon disinfects and removes stains

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Woman cleaning a cutting board with lemon.A lemon works to remove tough food stains from a plastic or light-colored wood cutting board. Squeeze on the juice of one half, rub it in, and let sit for 20 minutes before rinsing.

How to Get Pee Stains Out of a Mattress!    Getting Started:  1). You need a measuring cup, tablespoon, funnel, and spray bottle.  2). 8 ounces/237 ml hydrogen peroxide 3% (this can be found in a brown bottle in the first aid aisle of most pharmacies or stores)  3). 3 tablespoons/14.29 grams of baking soda  4). 1 drop of liquid hand dish washing soap

How to Get Pee Stains Out of a Mattress!

Mattress Pee Stain Removal 8 ounces hydrogen peroxide 3 tbsp baking soda 1 drop dishwashing liquid Mix well in spray bottle and use within 20 minutes.

Use ice cubes to get rid of carpet dents. I wonder if that works? Carolina Charm: Handy Homemaker Tips & Tricks VI

You know how you REALLY remove carpet dents? Use your foot and rub the squished carpet fibers about. They magically come back! (remove furniture dents in carpet with ice cubes - stupid)

MIRACLE LAUNDRY WHITENING SOLUTION (originally spotted by @Breannlxm679 )

Make Your Own Miracle Laundry Whitening Solution

MIRACLE LAUNDRY WHITENING SOLUTION (originally spotted by @Breannlxm679 )

Best Way to clean your tub. Period.  Make a paste of Borax for that grimy tub and tile or try swimming pool tile cleaner. For soap scum and water spots on glass doors, use equal parts of hot vinegar and Dawn dish soap in spray bottle. Just spray it on, scrub, rinse and be amazed. Allow it to sit overnight for stubborn stains and scrub with a dryer sheet or magic eraser.

The Best Way to Clean Your Bathtub.

The best way to clean your tub. 20 Mule Team Borax will remove grime nothing else takes off.

The best grout cleaner is Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach.. There really is no trick to doing this. Simply take your Clorox cleaner (its a gel, so it pours perfectly into the grout lines) and pour it onto about a 3 X 3 foot section of tile floor.  Let the cleaner sit on the grout lines for approximately 10 minutes.  Then take a hard plastic bristle brush and lightly scrub the cleaner into the grout lines.  It doesn't take a lot of effort, the cleaner really does most of the work.  Let…

Miracle Grout Cleaner - Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach - Holiday Sparkle: Popular Posts

Vinegar uses: (1) Remove bacteria and pesticide residue from produce- Use 1 part vinegar to 3  parts water, wash produce thoroughly.  (2) Clean windowsand countertops - Use a 50%water and vinegarmixture to clean  windows and countertops.  (3) Remove showerand bathtub film- Use vinegar full strength on an old wash  rag.  (4) Toilet bowl stains- Use white distilledvinegar full strength with a  scrubber.  (5) Furniture polish- Use a 50%ol

1 Remove bacteria and pesticide residue from produce. Use 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water, wash produce thoroughly. 2 Clean windows and countertops. Use a water and vinegar mixture to clean windows and h

18 Cleaning Tips Every Person Should Know

18 Cleaning Tips Every Person Should Know

Miracle Carpet Stain Remover. One part ammonia, one part hot water, one clean towel and one iron.

I just cleaned 6 spots on my carpet (toddler pee, dog puke, orange juice, and dog pee) and ALL OF IT IS GONE! It took me 13 minutes and I didn't scrub once!

A super easy way to clean a clogged showerhead is to fill a bag with vinegar and tie it around the showerhead. Let it sit for a few hours and then remove the bag; the vinegar will have broken down any grime! After wiping down and cleaning your glass shower door, a great... #bathroom #clean #deep

17 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Things That Inspire: Top pinned images of the month - Easy tile cleaning advice: powdered oxygen bleach, a scrub brush, and water. Photo credit Tim Carter, found on Ask the Builder.

How to remove wax from jar to reuse the jar and the wax...add a little water to the candle and place on coffee maker. Turn coffee maker on and let the wax melt. Once melted, place jar on a cool surface to let the wax harden. Peel out the wax to use on a wax burner and wash the jar out to use for anything you can think of.

How to get wax out of old candles to reuse containers. I will be so glad I pinned this! For full/old smelly wax.fill sink full of hot/boiling water & pour out wax. For mostly empty containers, hot/boiling water IN container

How to Clean Your Dishwasher | One Good Thing by Jillee. Fantastic step by step guide both narrative and some photos too on how to clean out your dishwasher yourself so you don't have to have someone come in and de clog it as well as repair it because it wasn't running properly. Pin leads to her blog with super good instructions on how to do this.

How To Clean Your Dishwasher In 3 Easy Steps

How To Fix Dents in Wooden Floors & Furniture (With an Iron!) — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

How to Repair Wood Floors or Furniture with Dents (Using an Iron!)

How to remove dents from wood, including hardwood floors. Excellent tip for the times when your child throws a toy or lets something fall and dents that perfect wood furniture you just bought or your very expensive hardwood floors.

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Imgur Post - Imgur

30 Cleaning Game Changers You Need To Know

Life Changing Cleaning Tips & Tricks: Home Depot posted a trick that literally everyone needs to try. In your toilet brush holder, pour in some all purpose cleaner. This will help keep the brush clean and make the room smell great.