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    55% of Smartphone Owners Run Price Comparisons in Stores - Approximately 6,500 smartphone owners said they’ve used a mobile device to compare prices between retailers. Thirty-four percent said they’ve scanned a QR code, and 27% have read online reviews from their devices before making purchase decisions. This infographic also makes note that the statistics in the third category only include responses from smartphone owners.

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    US Consumer Usage Of #SocialMedia To Make Shopping Decisions An increasingly large subset of U.S. shoppers are using their mobile phones in stores. Some retailers, like Target, are encouraging that behavior

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    Here are some stats about online shopping using social media with a bit of old-school traditional buying figures.

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    US Consumer usage of social media to make shopping decisions #Infographic #SocialMedia #Shopping

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    the most popular in-store m-commerce task in the US

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    US consumer use of social media to make purchasing decisions. Why social media and mobile is so important for your small business strategy.

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