. EVERY PARENT SHOULD KNOW THIS! infant first aid for choking and CPR: an illustrated guide

choking first aid on infant | Poster Title : First Aid For Choking Infant And Child

Best potty training idea... Potty training plus pre-writing practice (dry erase marker) with better stability while sitting by himself and no splashing accidents for boys.

CPR for infants

7 tips for getting your infant used to tummy time...so they can enjoy it! Where was this 2 months ago?

Baby's footprint inside daddy's footprint... I wish I'd seen this a few years ago

First Aid: Choking Baby

A parent's guide to fevers.

better than a cup holder. Would be an awesome baby gift!

40 Ways to Distract a Toddler- really good creative list! Can't wait to try some

Some brilliant parenting tips!

Baby CPR - EVERYONE should watch this video. It's only 1 minute long, but it could save a life.

Minimalist guide to baby crap. We used literally every single thing on this list for our twins.

first time parents guide

The benefits of infant massage - Constipation (DiGize or Peppermint) Baby VitaFlex Points - Helps with Asthma (R.C. or Breathe Again) - Skin conditions like eczema (Lavender or Gentle Baby) - Boost baby’s immune system (Thieves) - Relaxation for a cranky baby (Lavender or Peace & Calming) - Relieve pain from colic and teething (DiGize, Lavender, Thieves, Peppermint) - Relaxing for parent too (good way for dad to bond with baby)

First Aid tips for children and infants

Best Books For Infants

First aid for choking : an illustrated guide

Quick refresher on how to perform CPR. Important to read before taking the kids to the pool or other summer activities!

It's a smart alternative to sippy cups and a great transitional tool for your children to learn to drink from an open cup. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at http://pinterest.com/sostherapy for therapy resources.

Athletic Heather '9 Months in the Batcave' Bodysuit - Infant