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Pre-K Science: Sound

sound study

Kids Kitchen Water Xylophone Science Experiment

Does the sound change with the amount of water?

Discover More: Music and the Science of Sound

Learn more about the science of sound with these fun sound experiments and activities!

"Can You Fix It?" Science Center

Preschool science center... different than what I would typically think of but cool!

Painting with Sound

Painting with sound.

Science for kids - make an eerie sounds device.

A science experiment with sounds

Snap Cubes - Number and Pattern Cards

Snap Cube Number and Pattern Cards! Such an awesome resource for my preschooler!

Painting With Ice - Make Your own Ice Paint

Painting With Ice - Make Your own Ice Paint - Easy Peasy and Fun

Things that Come From Trees

Things That Come from Trees: Science Display

Looks like a fun experiment to do to introduce the scientific method and lab tasks early in the year!