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“The Vino2Go is perfect for art class.” ~Katie Katie has won 2 Vino2Go’s and 1 Vino Caddy! #winesippycup #Vino2Go @The Product Farm store.theproductfarm.com

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Lisa: "No way the Gator is getting my Vino2Go!" #winesippycup #Vino2Go @The Product Farm store.theproductfarm.com

Megan: "This picture was taken at the River of Lights in Albuquerque, NM. A little vino made the cold night a little warmer!" #winesippycup #Vino2Go @The Product Farm store.theproductfarm.com

Laura: "At the bowling alley with my BFF and my other BFF vino2go :)" Laura won a Vino2Go! #winesippycup #Vino2Go @The Product Farm store.theproductfarm.com

This Photo was taken in the mountains of Ashveille North Carolina at a friends house. We enjoyed an good glass of wine ans some vegetables and fruits. When we went to visit we took our Vino-to-go cups. Our friends our wine drinkers as well and when they saw the Vino-to-go they wanted to know where they can get their own cups. #winesippycup #Vino2Go @The Product Farm store.theproductfarm.com

Jodie: "After I am done biking, I enjoy a class of wine. I love these glasses as I am an outdoor person and these fit my lifestyle. I enjoy anything that involves jeeping, hiking, camping, kayaking, biking, and snorkeling!!!!"

Tara: "Quarterly we host a wine dinner with friends. This was the first time we had our Vino 2 Go cups join us. They were put to great use as we filled them with a new wine throughout each course of the five course meal. They had champagne, red wines and white wines. What a perfect compliment to a wonderful night of good food, great friends and AWESOME drinks!"

John: "At The gamecock Pavilion in Columbia getting ready for another Gamecock Victory" #winesippycup #Vino2Go @The Product Farm store.theproductfarm.com

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