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I just want to be best friends.. I swear... lets just hang out.. everyday.closely... friends sit on friends laps ...right?

Black tie, white shirt, navy blue sport coat...simple, yet nastily classy!

Whether you're Chuck, head of The Nerd Machine or Flynn Rider.. you had me at "nerd's are cool"!

zachary levi :) basically one of the most adorable people in existence.// awww! :) xx /// Sometimes it scares me how much I love him! ;)

Zachary Levi- the fact that he is a Christian makes him that much more attractive.

Zachary Levi. This is the guy who plays Flynn/Eugene in Tangled. LOOK AT HIM! HE IS EUGENE!!! (Also, if you haven't watched Chuck, you probably should because this man is perfect.)

There is no better picture; giving key, flannel and that face. Damn you Zachary Levi