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OMG this is so true ...... I promise to never say those words and stay on your good side lol

The best part about our job is the 'You'll never believe what I just saw' moments.

Same goes for any medical/emergency personnel

I got to pee three times today! --said no floor nurse ever.

We should just do this, but since we can't we can watch the movie, which I just did.

Very true. I'm the nurse that's scared of being stuck by needles but I don't mind doing the sticking.

this is so wrong, but pretty hilarious Hannah Goldberg, Kara Piganelli, Krizel Roque, Mary Rose Darr & all my other nursing school loves :)

don't forget about the wide ass

So true for nurses:) I had a pt touch my heart today.... doesn't happen everyday, but thankful for when it does.....