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  • Ryan

    This policy holds true to air types in regular day to day matters.

  • Amber Chambers

    Study to shew thyself approved!

  • Joy

    The importance of debate skills.

  • Bailey McDonald

    The importance of Policy Debate! You also must attack what you believe and defend the opposite. (this is a core belief of mine.)

  • Keri/ GardenVibe/Jane Dough

    OR... you can hide behind a cartoon character & tell your opponents they are just...honest to God... can't make this stuff up... It's for realz in Jesterland :P

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This pin was labeled "Debate Love". I get that. But I'm pinning it because to me - Love is an over used term anymore. And it's almost necessary to ask this question. My reply would have to be "Show Me". All about actions.

do what you love

Unless you're on the college circuit, people wonder what's wrong with you if you don't swear.

sometimes you just have to put on lipgloss and pretend to be psyched

words to live by (this coming from a ph.d. student who can't leave the house without heels and lipstick!)

When in a relationship with someone exhibiting NPD, they love to use the words, 'I love you' in public - when there's an 'audience.' In private, their actions scream, 'I loathe you,' and 'I despise you.' It's what makes this kind of abuse 'crazy-making,' it is diabolical and incredibly insidious. www.reclaimingali...

LIES. It is also acceptable if you're on the speech & debate team.

112 Cartoon Elements Make Learning The Periodic Table Fun, Kacie D. via buzzfeed: “Elements - Experiments in Character Design” was Kacie's senior thesis project, which premiered at the Milwaukee Institute of Art Design Senior Thesis Exhibition in Spring, 2011 for 72 of the elements. In November of 2011, the remaining 40 elements were completed. Go here kcd-elements.tumb... #Illustration #Chemical_Elements #Periodic_Table