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This herb can kill up to 98% of cancer cells in just 16 hours. Taking in consideration it is one of the deadliest diseases, scientists constantly try to find a cure and finally put and end to cancer. The herb used by itself reduces lung cancer cells up to 28%, but in combination with iron, “Artemisia Annua” successfully and completely “erases” cancer, and in the experiment this herb had no impact on healthy lung cells.

Cancer is a fungus, can be caused by a fungus, or is accompanied by late-stage fungal infections, and now the Mayo Clinic confirms this. Drink one tsp. of baking soda in a glass of water every morning & night.

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According to studies that were published in an issue of Life Sciences, artemesinin – a derivative of the wormwood plant used in Chinese Medicine - can kill 98% of breast cancer cells in less than 16 hours. The herb used alone caused a 28% reduction in breast cancer cells, but when paired with iron, sweet wormwood was able to eradicate cancer almost entirely. What’s more, normal cells were not negatively affected in the experiment by this treatment.

Cancer...There are easy steps to increase the PH in your blood. That's why we take ISAGENIX ISAGREENS. To increase the pH in our bodiesaking more alkaline and less acidic so cancer cells cannot live!

As an answer from nature to this paralyzing issue, a rare Chinese herb with incredible healing properties came into the light. According to the studies which were published in Life Sciences, Cancer Letters and Anticancer Drugs, artemisinin is the miracle herb which is known to kill a whopping 12,000 cancer cells for every healthy cell. Artemisinin is a derivative of the wormwood plant which is popularly used in Chinese medicine.

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