.I miss the days u danced. Although my toe shoes never looked that perfect!!


Ballerina Girl You Are So Lovely / Ballet slippers | Flickr - Photo... via Polyvore

Lavender and pink pointe shoes


Go on Pointe. Pointe shoes to me are magical. I know they're torture chambers in shoe-form, but they just hold this spark and I don't know what it is, but the first time I tried on one of my friend's pointe shoes I felt like Cinderella.

love it



Ballet shoes


en point

I miss this! So fun!

god i miss this

Dance Problems.

Ballet; ballerinas live for it. we were born to do it. it challenges us. we invest all of our time to this sport. it is the reason for our blood, sweat and tears. it causes us pain and frustration but we still love it. ballet is our passion, our life, and everything to us and no one but ballerinas will ever understand that.✨

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