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Variegated Weigela Braided Tree by Cottage Farms Direct on #zulily today!

Campanula - easy to grow & self seeds

3 Alyssum saxatile citrinum 30 Anemone blanda Mix 1 Astilbe arendsii Pink 1 Buddleja davidii Pink 3 Campanula carpatica Blue Clips 1 Ceanothus Yankee Point 1 Forsythia intermedia Spectabilis 1 Plantain Lily Hosta sieboldii 3 Saponaria ocymoides Soapwort 1 Spirea arguta Bridal Wreath 1 Weigela Bristol Ruby

Laurel Hedge - Google Image Result for https://www.evergreenhedging.co.uk/media/wysiwyg/Laurel_hedge_02_2_.jpg

Hydrangea snow balls!

Lilac Trees, incredibly fragrant and attractive small trees. These look alot easier to maintain than the bushes! Could this be the Miss Kim standard

Pink Cascade Weeping Peach Tree. full sun - partial shade. zone 5-9. height 12-15 feet.

Ceanothus - spring flowering evergreen, grown as a tree

Ornamental crabapple. Plant one of these for a lavish pop of white, pink, or red flowers each spring.

Royal Empress Tree...grows 10-15 ft per year. Explodes with rich lavender flowers that look like Orchids but smell like Jasmine. Grows as far north as Canada and as far south as Mexico.

Korean Dwarf Lilac Tree, 5-6 Feet high, 5-6 feet wide, winter hardy, blooms late spring, full to part sun

Catawba Crape Myrtle gives 3 seasons of color. Deep green leaves in spring. Mid to late summer - deep purple blooms. Tip-trim the spent blooms to encourage a longer blooming cycle. A lovely bronze coats the leaves in autumn. Any flowers left to go to seed will become dark brown seed pods. Can also be trimmed into a small tree. Mature height - 10-12 feet. Spread - 8 to 12 feet and widest at the crown.

A wire frame around this tree trunk is virtually invisible, and creates a great trellis effect for purple clematis...

Weeping Extraordinaire Flowering Cherry

Can't wait! This one's on it's way! Needed a fast growing shade tree! This one claims to grow 15 ft in a year! Found it for 20 bucks online, that included shipping... royal empress tree!

Weeping Pink Rose Tree

Best Plants Under Big Trees: most of my yard is shady, this could be very helpful.

Tinkerbelle is a dwarf lilac with a pleasing spicy fragrance and incredible wine-red flower buds that open in late spring. Does well as a tree form, like is shown in this picture.

Fairy rose - best shrub rose ever. Can't kill it, blooms its head off all summer.

The 10 best trees for small yards