life begins after coffee

Real queens eat pizza #quotes #sayings #IGIGI #IGIGIQuotes

I live life in my own little fairytale.. and so does my best friend.. haha.. we share stories often :)

the colour pink #pinkfridays


yes way

To whomever is reading this. You are so truly amazing, beautiful and one of a kind my friend, never doubt this or let anyone tell you otherwise because you are. Always believe in yourself and how incredible you are o.k.? Trust me on this.

"Silence is better than bullshit." - Unknown #quotes




Anyone else?

I'm happy for everyone that they finally have

Most days, today being one of many. Down Home alone on a beautiful Saturday with a beautiful sunset last night and again tonight.

We do "Tenés el potencial de hacer cosas maravillosas. Sí, vos" :)

She is quick and curious and playful and strong.

We are superheroes and rockstars.

Good question.