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Bedroom Organizers

Bedrooms are your place of rest and relaxation. That may be hard to do if clothes are strewn all over and you can't find that pair of shoes when you are running late. Restore order while maintaining a beautiful space with our easy organizers for your most personal room.
  • Debbi Hildenbrand

    tea cup jewelry holders - cool simple solution to organizing jewelry.

  • Rachel Choo

    Use vintage teacups to store jewelry and other trinkets. I love collecting tea cups and saucers.

  • Katie Rose

    Love the idea: use tea cups and saucers to organize jewelry drawer.

  • Alicia Olsen

    Cute and stylish jewelry organizers. Just an excuse to use my vintage tea cups and saucers. :)

  • Kate Faris

    cute jewelry storage idea - Love love LOVE this idea! and i love tea cups!

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Genious!!! pinner said, I did this in a large dresser drawer and love it. Line drawer with velvet or felt, arrange random china pieces to organize jewelry in. Cute vintage teacups are perfect to drape earrings in. Perfect when you have too much for a display rack and doesn't get tangled like in a jewelry box.

Would love to make one of these to organize my jewelry in a pretty way. Could hand in my closet...

only for a couple often-worn necklaces, otherwise too junky looking and will just be dust-collectors (running out of room in my jewellery box)

I love Mason Jars they are good for many things even storage!

Stacked in Your Favor Keep your kitchen counters, drawers, and cupboards clutter-free with these ingenious organizing solutions. Storing saucers is no problem: They nest neatly. The teacups, on the other hand, always threaten to topple over. Here's how Martha handles them: placed cup over saucer, in tidy stacks of no more than three or four.

Gonna do this over the summer... might as well have something to show from all the Mountain Dew I drink!

Jewelry Holder...can we make these for gifts?! Jules & Court would love it!!

Okay, Kate Marlowe, I was trying to avoid the cluttered look, but I think I'm gonna do this with one of my old windows. I really do.


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