St. Paddy's Day gift

Printable for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day gift ideas

End of the year idea

St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt Clues (free)

Gift for parents at Open House???? Pizza Box to hold projects in!#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

classroom management idea

My Pet Cloud -- An Adorable, Easy and Inexpensive Gift from Teacher to Students. Free printable tent card reads: "In the whole wide world With everyone in it You’re one of a kind and The sky is the limit!"

I LOVE this!! She has the #firstday hashtag up for, obviously, the first of the school year. She's going to take a picture of each student and put their it on the board. Then she'll change the hashtag and pictures throughout they year. SO cute!!

Teacher Bits and Bobs: First Day FREEBIES and Our Lastest Giveaway Winner!

St. Patrick's Day Writing - Who is worth more to you than gold?

cute idea

I have far too many classes to do this with and my kids wouldnt appreciate it from a student teacher, at least not in class time. But, for those of you with the same class throughout the year and with younger kids, this is a great idea to show them that you appreciate each and every one of them.

Teacher gift

Goal Setting in the Classroom- love this. Students set goals they can measure. Teacher should set a goal and reflect on it too. Class can share and support each other in achieving goals. Love this!

Idea I got from Pinterest. Huge hit for Meet the Teacher!!!

St patrick's day lunch with a note saying, "I'm lucky to have you as my daughter/son."

At the End of the Rainbow (St. Patrick's Day craft)

St Patrick's Day sign. Leprechauns Welcome.

She's crafty: Get to know you games