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Celebrate Summer

Super-messy & colorful outdoor summer fun! Paint Balloons are a budget-friendly and easy homemade project, perfect for the backyard on a hot summer day. Kids will love mixing up the ingredients and having colorful “splash battles” on the lawn. All you need are water balloons, a few simple kitchen ingredients (food dye, corn starch & water) and an outdoor space to play. Check out this and lots of other fun summertime DIY activity ideas at the link.

Neon "water" balloon fight INGREDIENTS 2 cups cold water 3/4 cup corn starch 10 drops food coloring (I used neon) DIRECTIONS In a saucepan, combine ingredients Heat over medium heat, stirring constantly, ONLY until you feel it thickening. It should take less than 2 minutes. Remove from heat immediately. Continue to stir and add water till desired thickness. It was easy to fill the water balloons directly from the spray bottle.